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Teomia is from Tbilisi, Georgia. Creator of Transformational Platform - Share Metta. She holds CIC master’s degree in Management of Human Resources: Certificates in – Transformational Life Coaching, CBT, Leadership, Meditation, Gestalt Therapy and Psychology. She also is the author of two publications – short stories and Transformational work book – You are Metta. Her artwork is inspired by Life. Main idea of Metta is personal transformation, collaboration, universal love and kindness.


She is the author of transformational/motivational courses and lectures, the list of which include:


1. 8 precious movements 

2. Course with a book – You are Metta

3. HR and Transformational Coaching

4. Alchemy of Happiness

5. Leadership in 21th century organizations

Single Webinars/lectures:

1. EFT Tapping

2. Management of emotions during Covid 19

3. 10 Steps to happiness

4. Map is not the territory

5. Nature love

6. Where do we come from, who are we, where are we going?

7. Alchemy of free will

8. Buddhism as therapy

9. Wise heart

This is a short interview text with her:

In 2018, when I created Metta, I could not have imagined, that later on, the end would be the beginning. On June 2, 2021 I died. When I opened my eyes after 9 days in an intensive care, the first sensation that came to me was uncertainty. The pain was intolerrable. I felt that something has been changed, my heart was beating differently. During that difficult times Metta was with me. It gave me strength and energy to survive, to start life from the beginning. As I was learning to walk, eat, touch and communicate new ideas were coming regarding my Transformational workbook – “You are Metta” and visuals and sounds were floating around for my future paintings. I was able to renew my books and create beautiful Art. Now that the rehabilitation period is still going on, I often wonder what was the reason for my sudden nearly death experience. One of the answers that pops up in my mind is my desire to meet my favorite painter Vincent Van Gogh. I saw him and myself, we were running together in the streets of Arles. I think it was travelling in time. Vincent was 33 and I was 45, but we were both children. It seemed like time and space were mixed. The visual was very real. Another answer is - Metta. Metta means universal Love, kindness, empathy and tranquility.

The world needs more Metta! I am ready to Share Metta!

My NFT Collection is about Epiphany, transformation and new beginning. I got over it all. I am thankful that Universe gave me an opportunity to share Metta. My art is my message to the world.

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