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Transformational Project – SHARE METTA


Transformational project - Share Metta is designed for individuals, who wish to create better versions of themselves, find inner peace, and share their experiences with others. It includes various materials regarding different interesting topics.

The project is based on CBT, Eastern practices, and HR principles. CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy) is a form of treatment that has been demonstrated to be effective for a range of problems including depression, anxiety disorders, marital problems, and severe mental illness. Research studies suggest that CBT leads to significant improvement in functioning and quality of life.

CBT is based on several core principles, including:

  1. Psychological problems are based on faulty ways of thinking.


  1. psychological problems are based on learned patterns or repeated behavior.


  1. People suffering from psychological problems can learn better ways of coping with them, relieving their symptoms, and becoming more effective in their everyday lives.


CBT is mainly focused on changing thinking patterns. These might include:

  • Recognizing one’s distortions in thinking that are creating problems, and reevaluating them in light of reality.

  • Gaining a better understanding of the behavior.

  • Using problem-solving skills to cope with difficulties.

  • Learning to develop a greater sense of confidence in one’s own abilities.


CBT treatment also usually involves efforts to change behavioral patterns. These strategies might include:


  • Facing one’s fears instead of avoiding them.

  • Learning to calm one’s mind and relax one’s body.


CBT places an emphasis on helping individuals learn to be their own therapists. Through exercises in the session as well as “homework” exercises outside of sessions, patients/clients are helped to develop coping skills, whereby they can learn to change their own thinking, problematic emotions, and behavior.


The project includes a 1-month transformational program, live sessions, and lectures/wellness courses.




1 Month Transformational Program


The program is a mix of theoretical and practical materials. It includes exercises and questions, which help individuals to better understand their inner self. Exercises and questions help individuals to change ways of thinking and behavioral patterns. The aim of the program is to achieve a higher level of consciousness and practice happiness. It also includes guided meditations for stress relief and inner peace.

The program includes the following topics:

  • 3 brains

  • David Hawkins and map of consciousness

  • 6 basic needs

  • Mind, body, and consciousness

  • Thought and emotion

  • Value/belief

  • Understanding behaviors

  • Cognitive dissonance

  • Ego/Self-love


  • Fighting Fear/Anxiety

  •  Here and now

  • Social Influence

  • Perception and communication

  • Happiness

  • Meditation and mind

  • Hero`s Journey

  • Archetypes

  • Identification of roles

  • Developing consciousness

  • Affirmations and visualization

  • Gratitude and forgiveness

  • Setting goals


2. Lectures and Courses


Lectures and courses are for those who are interested in mental and physical well-being. This part includes the following topics:

1. 8 precious movements (Find your Chi) (Course)

2. 5 Element Qigong

3. HR and Transformational Coaching - (Course)

4. Alchemy of Happiness - Course

5. Leadership in 21st-century organizations -Course

6. EFT Tapping 

7. Management of emotions during Covid 19 

8. 10 Steps to happiness 

9.  Map is not the territory 

10. Nature love 

11. Where do we come from, who are we, where are we going? 

12. Alchemy of free will 

13. Buddhism as therapy

14. Wise heart 



Sessions are available upon request.

For more information and appointments contact us on email.

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